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Do not delay to pay your debt!

What should you do if you are experiencing the debt problem?

Nowadays, Hong Kong society has a lot of expenses on clothing, food, housing, transportation and so on. It is impossible to afford the basic daily expense if you carry a debt and also pay the high interest rate.

Therefore, many people choose borrow money to pay off their debts and the total debt amount becomes bigger and bigger. Finally, they have no choice but to file bankruptcy.

Only a few people will notice that debt relief planning can help with people who are experiencing debt pressure. Debt relief planning does not mean bankruptcy, because bankruptcy is considered as a failure to fulfil the repayment responsibility. The bank will not cooperate with someone who has no integrity. However, debt relief planning is totally different, it is to carry on the repayment responsibility.

Here is a real-life case from a family: The husband is the primary and sole income earner in the household. As the family expenses were increasing, they slowly accumulated a pile of debts. The husband was no longer able to repay the debt due to huge household living expenses and high debt interest rate.

Therefore, he borrowed money from the bank and the finance company to repay the monthly debt amount and the debt became bigger as the interest amount became larger too. Finally, the bank and the finance company did not accept his loan application anymore.

Due to his job, he did not want to file bankruptcy, but receiving calls from the debt collecting company every day, gave him a lot of troubles. This also caused him many conflicts with his wife and they almost faced family breakdown.

After being introduced by a friend about debt relief planning, his repayment contributions are greatly reduced by half and saved more than 80% of interest. The five-year contribution has been reduced and has been paid off in three years, which saved more than $500,000 in interest. This immediately relieved his financial pressure and improved his relationship too.

If you experience the similar situation, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.


If you only pay the minimum credit card repayment amount, how long can you pay the debt off?

Credit card is a very popular payment option for shopping recently. Everyone knows that credit card interest is very high. However, not many people know how to calculate the credit card interest. Normally, the minimum repayment of credit card is 4%. Basic on the annual interest 36%, the monthly interest is 3%.

We use one million dollars for the credit card debt amount as an example, the minimum repayment amount is $40,000 per month, the monthly interest is $30,000. Only $10,000 of the $40,000 is used to repay the principal every month. It takes at least eight years to pay off the whole debt, and the interest amount paid is triple more than the original debt amount.


There are a lot of people spending all their income just for the monthly debt repayment, so there is no money left for their daily expenses.

Many people choose to borrow money to repay debt. They use a new loan to pay for another loan, so the debt and repayment amounts are getting higher and higher, and finally they have to face bankruptcy. However, not many people will notice that both debt restructuring and debt relief planning can help people to reduce their debt pressure. Also, debt relief planning is different from filing bankruptcy. It is to negotiate repayment with creditors and reach an agreement to solve the debt problem.

Debt relief planning can greatly reduce monthly repayment by half, save more than 80% of interest expenses, as well as shorten the repayment period. Many debtors are worried that they need to pay an immediate and very expensive application fee for applying debt relief planning. Our service fee for debt relief planning is fair and transparent. It is calculated based on the percentage of interest amount saved, and the application does not require immediate payment. Fees can also be paid in instalments according to our customers’ financial situation and ability.

We have experiences handling cases for different kinds of clients include civil servants, police officers, engineers, teachers, healthcare workers, insurance agents, real estate agent, beauty workers, blue-collar and white-collar workers.

If you encounter the same problem, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.



Overspending and inflation greatly impact our lives.

 According to the statistics, in Hong Kong, the number of people in debt is growing. This is due to several reasons including increasing property prices, rent and inflation etc., as well as overspending and some random purchases in large instalments. Therefore, a huge debt is formed and accumulated over time. Many people also choose to apply for loans from bank to pay off the credit card debts. However, as debts are accumulated and become bigger, the banks refuse to approve more loans to them. Therefore, people will choose to apply for loans from the first-tier finance company, then from the second and third-tier finance companies, and the interest rates grow higher and higher. In this case, the monthly repayment amount becomes higher too. Therefore, borrowing money to pay for another debt is not a right way to solve your debt problem, it will only make the debt situation worse, and get you into real trouble.

When you cannot make the monthly repayments on time, you will soon receive messages and letters to remind you. If you fail to repay, further actions will be taken, and debt collection will be resulted. You will receive a lot of phone calls requesting the repayment.

If you encounter the same problem, please do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Warning: You have to repay your loans. Don't pay any intermediaries.