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What is an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA)?

IVA is specially designed for people who facing bankruptcy and provide an alternative to bankruptcy through debt restructuring. It is conducted in the form of voting, and the repayment proposal will be approved with more than 70% of creditors vote for it. As a professional debt restructuring service center in Hong Kong, we have extensive industry experience and can effectively design and arrange a debt repayment plan for you, prepare all required documents, and provide relevant legal services or advice to protect you from debt nuisance.

What is a Debt Relief Planning(DRP)?

DRP is the relatively simple application process among the various methods of debt restructuring process in Hong Kong. In DRP, the debt restructuring arrangements can be made by negotiating the repayment plan with creditors, and there is no legal procedures involved. Compared with the Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA), DRP can greatly reduce your time and procedures required for the entire application process, and will be sooner to live a normal life and no longer struggle with debts .

What is a Interbank debt relief planning (IDRP)?

IDRP is also known as leading debt relief plan. The biggest difference from other models is that the debt arrangement is resolved through negotiation with the largest creditor. Once the agreement is reached between the debtor and creditor, the largest creditor will unify all other debts. And future repayments will only need to be paid directly to the largest or the lead creditor.

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As an experienced debt restructuring company, we have been helping numerous customers with debts. We understand the hesitation and helplessness of debtors in solving the debts. To deal with debt problem,the solution is definitely not through continuous borrowing or paying off the minimum payment (Min Pay) . Relieving old debts with new debts will only ultimately damage your credit rating (TU), and eventually you can only choose second-tier finance companies to borrow money. Heavy interest rate will only worsen the debt, and you can only choose bankruptcy eventually. Our company can provide you with the best solution to end the debt, and we guarantee that the cost will not increase your burden.

We, HKDRS, will not charge any consulting fees, and will not advise clients to apply for loans.

Our professional debt restructuring managers not only listen carefully to your needs, but also use our professional perspectice and experience to analyze your problems and provide various flexible repayment schemes, therefore, you can save money from the lowest interest rate and reduce your financial burden of the repayment. Our greatest advantage is that we can discuss with banks and financial companies to reduce the interest rate to the lowest level.

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Necessary information about Bankruptcy

Customers need to be aware that it does not mean all debts will be wiped out after declaring bankruptcy. Do not believe in any misinformation about this.
It is because all the assets in the debtor’s name will be used to repay to the creditor. Besides, all income of the debtor excluding daily basic expenses will be used to repay the debt.
If you need to consult or apply this service, we will arrange your application appropriately on the premise of safeguarding your interests.

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Our professional legal team successfully solved a lot of different debt problems for various clients and has been accumulating more than a thousand successful cases. As long as you have a fixed monthly income, whether it is a personal loan or credit card loan, our HKDRS professional team will provide you with the best solution. We also have different cases for your reference or comparison. Please contact us directly to inquire about debt restructuring services.

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HKDRS Our company, HKDRS, has been established for many years. We are determined to provide professional case analysis for every customer. Our professional team is highly focus on communication with our customers. We will listen carefully to your problems, use our profound experience and professional analysis, and provide a variety of appropriate solutions for you to choose from, in order to help you to save money from high interest rate and reduce the pressure of debt contributions, as well as improve your living standard.